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Community Outreach

Leadership through Service is central to our identity at Gaskins, and we are committed to serving our neighbors both locally and around the world. Whether we are wielding a hammer to help build a house through Habitat for Humanity or serving up a mean batch of cheese grits at Must Ministries, Gaskins is continually involved in giving back to the local community. In addition, we have sent members of our team to Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil to serve alongside other professionals as they provide solutions for real, felt needs such as clean water and shelter. At Gaskins, we recognize our success is not only measured by profitable projects, but also by how we give our time, money and energy to bring about positive change to others in our community.

Johnny C. Gaskins Scholarship

A scholarship established to honor Johnny Gaskins and his investments in the surveying profession and Southern Polytechnic State University. Gaskins supports this scholarship, which is given to benefit students of Southern Polytechnic State University; for more information,
contact: ktrensch@spsu.edu.

Marietta Workmatters

Brandon Hutchins and a small group of Marietta executives and leaders founded Marietta Workmatters in 2010. This ministry's primary purpose is to equip and encourage other leaders in Marietta to bridge the gap between their faith in Jesus Christ and their daily work lives. Marietta Workmatters is tied loosely to Workmatters, a ministry founded in 2004 in Arkansas with the same purpose. Visit www.mariettaworkmatters.org for more information.