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The Gaskins' team provides precision solutions for commercial and retail projects such as apartments, banks, grocery stores and gas stations. Our personnel will work closely with the Owner and Architect from the conceptual phase, through zoning, design, permitting to the construction phase. At Gaskins, we pride ourselves in providing precision planning and creative design solutions, and are uniquely equipped to work with a project team.

"Gaskins delivers consistent, prompt, professional products along with sound advice and is exactly the profile of firm we seek for long term relationships. From conceptual through permit Gaskins performs at the highest level but with the value equation for their services always well within reason."

Thomas L. Elsberry
General Manager, The Johnson Development Corp.

Project / Client Description Engineering Surveying Planning Const. Mgt.
Bentwater Commercial
TEMCO Associates
This project was built on more than 5-acres and included various commercial property and a gas station. The design included grading, utility design and erosion control, with coordination between Owner and Municipality.
Brookstone Commercial
Willoughby and Sewell
The project included more than 20 outparcels on over 50-acres at the entrance to the Brookstone community. Tenants include a bank, drugstores, medical, automotive, library, and a YMCA. The design included site layout, civil site design, stormwater management, topographic survey, and construction staking.
Gibbs Gardens
Jim Gibbs
Located in the foothills of Cherokee County, Gaskins provided design services that will serve for the public opening of 220-acres of gardens and ponds. The design services were primarily directed towards infrastructure and site layout for public access, parking, and fire protection. A hydraulic analysis was also developed for the property.
Lakeside Funeral Home
Kyle Standridge
The project included civil site design and layout for the building and parking lot. Also, the design included providing water quality in an existing pond adjacent to the site. The scope of land surveying included field run topography for design to construction staking.
Landmark Bank
Landmark Bank
The project was constructed on 2-acres and included parking lot design, stormwater design (including a full hydrology and underground detention design), and utility coordination for the 24,000 square foot building. The project required close coordination with architect and contractor, due to the tight land plan and complex layout of the site.
Ace Hardware
Brand Properties
The project involved the conversion of two existing commercial stores into a store suitable for Ace Hardware. The design included utility relocate, parking lot re-configuration and close coordination with the architect.
Buckhead Crossing
Alfred & Richard Means
The project included 16 retail outparcels along Towne Lake Parkway at the entrance to the Deer Run community. Design included site layout, civil site design, stormwater management, topographic survey, and construction staking.
Kroger Expansion
The project included the construction of a 28,348 square foot addition to an existing Kroger retail space. The design included multi-discipline coordination, large DSD truck modeling for temporary permanent dock systems, extension and rerouting of all existing utilities, parking lots, storm-water management, and erosion control.
NAPA Store & Powder Springs Retail
CPC General Contractors
The project included the construction of a 6,000 square foot stand alone retail space with a layout for future retail space on a total of 3-acres. The design included the extension of 1,100 linear feet of sanitary sewer outfall, commercial entrance coordination with Georgia DOT, parking lots, utilities, stormwater management with the use of a pocket wetland for water quality, and erosion control.
Seven Hills Station (Publix)
Brand Properties
The project was for the development of 22-acres into a shopping center containing 77,475 square feet of retail and restaurant space. The shopping center is based with Publix as the primary tenant. The design included coordination with a county road widening project, utilities, stormwater management, parking and emergency access study, and erosion control while avoiding impacts to on-site streams.