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Healthcare and Education projects require a high level of collaboration within a design team. Gaskins has partnered on several projects in this field to provide high level of professionalism and precision needed to succeed.

Project / Client Description Engineering Surveying Planning Const. Mgt.
A&M Dental
Peacock Builders
This project involved a phased demolition of an existing building and reconstruction of a 4,600 square foot facility in order for the business to remain open. The civil site design included a reconfigured parking lot, upgraded stormwater management with underground detention and a pervious paver system, and upgraded water service for fire sprinklers. The surveying services included topographic survey, construction staking, and as-built.
Bells Ferry Medical Complex
Highridge Partners & SDG Engineering (Michael Ritch)
The project includes the development of a 45,000 square foot multistory medical building and complex with 240 parking spaces. The site was mass graded, included 600 feet of sanitary sewer outfall, 1,200 linear feet of road widening and entrance design. The design included stormwater management, water quality, flood routing, and erosion control.
Cobb County Artificial Turf Fields
Cobb County Board of Education
The scope of this project included development of sixteen artificial turf sports fields at various locations on a combined 40-acres of property. The design occurred over three phases and included erosion control design, NPDES compliance, storm water design, and grading plans.
Emory University
Emory University
The project included surveying tracts ranging in size from 1-acre to 10-acres in order to provide the school with boundary surveys, field topographic surveys, preparation of legal descriptions, and right of way dedications.
Georgia Institute of Technology Skiles Walkway
Georgia Institute of Technology
The project involved the relocation of utilities along an existing sidewalk that connects the Student Center to Tech Tower. The existing sidewalk is 500 feet long and 50 feet wide with multiple flights of stairs. Gaskins provided an asbuilt, and staking for grading and relocation of utilities.
Georgia State University Classroom Building South
Georgia State University
The project included surveying services for engineering design and construction by others on an existing parking lot adjacent to several buildings, parking deck, and city street. The services included an as-built topographic survey with utility locate, finish floor elevation of existing building, sidewalk, and parking. Also, Gaskins provided control for layout of new construction.
Jasper Medical Buildings
Gary Copeland
The project included three 20,000 square foot buildings for medical services on 6-acres adjacent to Piedmont Mountainside Hospital. Gaskins provided staking for grading, utilities, curbing and building construction.
Lovett School
Atlanta School Board
The project included the construction of new baseball and softball fields on 7-acres at the Lovett School campus. Gaskins provided surveying services that included control and construction staking for clearing, grading, utilities, underground detention, and light poles. Gaskins also provided an as-built of the utilities for City of Atlanta.
Rock Creek Manor Assisted Living
Rock Creek Manor Assisted Living
The facility was constructed on more than 5-acres in a rural area. The civil site design included grading, stormwater management, erosion control, building and parking layout, and a septic layout. The surveying services included field run topography and construction staking.
Ross Memorial Health Care Center
Ross Memorial Health Care
The project was for site improvements associated with a 36,000 square foot medical building expansion on 6.2-acres. Site improvements included the addition of 50,000 square feet of parking using a pervious paver system combined with an underground stormwater detention system. The design included land planning, erosion control, utilities, two commercial entrances, existing road widening, and grading.
Wellstar Douglas - ICU - Ed Expansion
Wellstar Health Systems
Project Included a 6,600 SF building addition to the Wellstar Douglas Hospital in the City of Douglasville. Gaskins provided civil engineering services that included site grading, storm water design, water quality design, utility coordination and full erosion control plans.
Wellstar Paulding
Wellstar Health Systems
Whitefield Academy Stadium
Whitefield Academy
Gaskins has assisted with several expansions of this campus, including the addition of various athletic and recreation facilities. The latest project included modifications to the football stadium, including construction of a 1,000 seat stadium, press box, and concession area. Also, the parking, landscape, and sidewalk were reconfigured to improve traffic around the stadium.