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From sewer lift stations, waterlines, or road infrastructure projects, Gaskins provides a full range of infrastructure services to meet the needs of our clients and growing communities.

"While in the process of installing mammoth 48" cages, I noticed that there were 2 surveyors (there were 5 people total on the cage) with both hands on the cage, helping wrestle the thing in place. I have never seen that before and have not seen it since. Most other surveyors will just stand there, watch you struggle, take a measurement and then tell you if it is right or wrong. Your guys went above and beyond what was expected. That 'get it done' team attitude is obviously reflected throughout your company. Your professional demeanor was refreshing. Thank you."

Carl McKinney
Lead Project Manager, Morris-Shea Bridge Company

Project / Client Description Engineering Surveying Planning Const. Mgt.
Bentwater Lift Station #5 Upgrade
TEMCO Associates
This lift station is the primary wastewater delivery system for a single residential development. The wet-well is configured for future expansion and currently utilizes 1,200 linear feet of 8" force main along a County road to a waste water reuse facility. Also, installed is a combined 1,500 linear feet of 8" and 12" force main for future expansion.
Blalock Lakes Drive
Cousins Properties
This 4,600 linear foot roadway serves as the main entrance to Blalock Lakes Development. The roadway included several divided sections and a section that had to be coordinated with the rehabilitation of a dam. The rural cross section included 11-foot-wide lanes and storm water ditch design.
Blalock Lakes Water Model and Fire Flow Analysis
Cousins Properties
The model was created to facilitate the design of the proposed water distribution network and ensure the system would provide adequate fire protection for a multi-phase residential development.
Bridgemill Lift Station #9
Johnson Development
The duplex lift station is design for 2,800 gpm and serves a mixed-use residential development. This lift station includes a 7,230 linear foot 18" diameter sewer force main along county roads and cross-country runs.
Callaway Gardens & Hwy 354 Water Transmission Line
Callaway Gardens
This project consisted of 5,750 linear feet of 12" water transmission line along a major State route at the border of Callaway Gardens. The design included three highway bores, two tie-ins to the existing water system, and coordination with Georgia DOT. The scope of work included topographic survey of the proposed route, easement plats, construction plans and specifications, and construction observation.
Callaway Gardens SSOF
Cousins Properties & Callaway Gardens
The project consisted of approximately 1 mile of design for a 15" sewer line that winds through a picturesque, very sensitive area of Callaway Gardens. The outfall was designed to accommodate the new hotel and residential neighborhoods.
Callaway Gardens Water Model
Callaway Gardens
A water model of the existing water distribution system was developed to determine causes to existing infrastructure problems as well as used as a baseline for future infrastructure expansion across the property.
Callaway Gardens WWTP Upgrade
Callaway Gardens
The scope of work on this project included 0.44 MGD average daily flow sewer lift station and reconfiguration of existing WWTP headworks.
Encore and Northpoint Pkwy Sidewalk Project
Cousins Properties
This project included more than 1,600 linear feet of 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk with a 2 foot wide landscape strip along Encore Parkway and North Point Parkway. The design included the layout of sidewalk to minimize conflicts with existing utilities, ADA compliant grading plan, erosion control plan, and coordination to create a connected sidewalk from Westside Parkway to the Alpharetta Greenway.
Forest Creek Lift Station & Force Main
The project consisted of 23,650 linear feet of 10" diameter sewer force main in conjunction with the design of an 880 GPM duplex sewer lift station. The force main was installed along 15,000 linear feet of County roads and the remaining was cross-country.
Georgian Parkway
TEMCO Associates
The project included more than 4,000 linear feet of new roadway in a single phase of construction. The design consisted of a two lane rural section with grading, horizontal and vertical alignment, utilities, erosion control, and storm water systems.
Lake Arrowhead Water Model
Lake Arrowhead Utility Company
A water model of the existing water distribution system was developed to determine causes to existing infrastructure problems as well as used as a baseline for infrastructure expansion across the property redevelopment.
Land Road Waterline Extension
THW Development
The project included a 2 mile waterline extension of 10" DIP along a county roadway to service a subdivision. The design included horizontal and vertical waterline layout, construction plans, erosion control, EPD and City approval.
Lower Westbrook Lift Station (Governors Club)
Kenneth G. Horton Development Corporation of Georgia
This lift station is a sub-regional wastewater delivery system. The wet-well is configured for future expansion and currently utilizes 5,800 linear feet of 10" force main along public roads to a waste water reuse facility. The lift station was initially designed for duplex pumping and can be expanded to triplex pumping and a second, parallel 10" force main.
Seven Hills Boulevard
TEMCO Associates
This project involved the master planning of the water distribution and water reuse systems using computer modeling. The scope of work included data acquisition, data input, facility review, and model calibration and verification.