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Single Minded Purpose......

Gaskins Surveying and Engineering Company is a proud leader in the development design industry, yet remains true to its humble roots by valuing the quality and ethic that has allowed the company to succeed.

More than 35 years ago, Johnny Gaskins and Roy Hogan formed a partnership in 1976 as ‘Gaskins and Hogan, Inc.’ which employed four people. They offered surveying services to clients and municipalities in the metro Atlanta area. Previously, Mr. Gaskins and Mr. Hogan had grown up in the same hometown of Nashville, GA, and worked together at local surveying companies. Mr. Gaskins broadened his experience in surveying with brief stints in coal mining and tobacco farming before completing his Civil Engineering degree in 1975 at Southern Tech. In 1980, Mr. Hogan moved to South Georgia to open his own business, while Mr. Gaskins retained the surveying company. In 1981, he became the sole proprietor of the newly incorporated Gaskins Surveying Company.

By 1985, Gaskins had expanded to more than 20 employees. The company headquarters was relocated to Powder Springs Road in Marietta. With the company’s success, Mr. Gaskins’ priority remained to further the company’s vision by developing lasting relationships and offer valuable solutions to his clients. In pursuit of this goal, Gaskins began to employ Professional Engineers and Landscape Architects and expand services to include infrastructure design and construction management.

In 2000, Johnny hired Brandon Hutchins as Director of Operations with the intent of transforming Gaskins from an entrepreneurial establishment to a professional organization. Over the next six years, Gaskins grew in size and service offerings, becoming flexible and able to adapt to changes in the market. In 2006, Mr. Hutchins became the president of Gaskins Surveying and Engineering Company and oversaw the acquisition and merger with Reece Land Surveyors. By late 2006, Gaskins had opened a satellite office in Canton, GA, and employed more than 90 people.

After stepping down as President and CEO of Gaskins Surveying and Engineering Company in 2006, Johnny Gaskins continued to be a major contributor to the company. Johnny acknowledged that faith had been an essential groundwork for his business style and ultimately the reason for his accomplishments. When Johnny passed away in September, 2011, he had lived in Marietta for more than 30 years with his wife, Brenda. He was also survived by two married sons, Craig and Brandon, and by seven grandchildren.

Our Heritage

John C. Gaskins

Mr. Gaskin's in 1981
"We will be remembered by solid relationships and a quality product."

- Johnny Gaskins

John C. Gaskins founded Gaskins Surveying Co., Inc. in 1976. He graduated from the Southern Institute of Technology with a degree in Civil Engineering Technology in 1975, and became a licensed Land Surveyor in 1977. Mr. Gaskins retired in 2009, after more than 30 years in business. He built one of the finest surveying and engineering companies in metro Atlanta.

Mr. Gaskins served as a member of the Trustee Board for the Southern Polytechnic State University, a supervisor for the Cobb County District of the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC), the president of the Etowah Chapter of the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia (SAMSOG), a member of the Fellowship of Companies for Christ, and an active member in the Council for Quality Growth. In addition to these roles, he assisted in writing development regulations for Cobb and Cherokee Counties, and the Cities of Marietta, Powder Springs and Acworth.

Mr. Gaskins passed away in September of 2011 after a four year battle with ALS. Throughout his career, Mr. Gaskins developed and maintained a reputation that was highly respected. After stepping down from his role as CEO of Gaskins, he continued to be a major contributor to the company and to the surveying profession.


Today: Gaskins offers fully integrated services with a staff of six Professional Engineers, five Licensed Surveyors, one Registered Landscape Architect and two Certified Arborists.