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Planning & Consulting

Helping You Navigate Best Land-Use

Whether it's development or conservation, Gaskins' experienced staff can help you navigate the many available land-use options to provide a solution tailored to your vision and goals.

Planning & Consulting Services:
Conservation Easements
Conservations easements can be a strategic land-use option that would enable a land owner to qualify for federal and state tax deductions and/or credits on income tax (based on the value of the land prior to the easement). A conservation easement restricts future land use from future development while retaining ownership of property for uses such as recreation, farming, ranching or timbering. The expert staff at Gaskins can help you create this easement and allow your land to start working for you.
Land Entitlement, Planning and Consulting
Sometimes the biggest hurdles to getting a project started are related to zoning and local political considerations - Gaskins' expert staff has developed the relationships and the reputation to help you navigate the challenges related to land entitlement to help get your project started on the right track. In addition, our staff is equipped to provide planning and consulting needs such as preliminary budget information, scheduling, as well as a variety of other strategic planning activities.
Residential, Commercial & Master Land Planning
As Gaskins' signature service, we thrive on delivering creative and innovative designs for residential, commercial and master land planning projects. Our solutions are realistic from an engineering and construction point of view and provide value to our clients. Incorporating each component of a design into a complete product, while maintaining a fluent feel to the development, can be challenging, but our experienced staff leads the way.
Landscape Architecture Services
Gaskins landscape designs can provide the final aesthetic touch to your project, seamlessly blending your home, office building or other structures with the surrounding site. With a distinctive grasp on native plant species and climate zones, our designs reflect the character of each site while remaining sustainable and aesthetically attractive. Our services include:
  • Tree Preservation and Replacement Plans for
    residential and commercial developments;
  • Landscape design plans for all construction types;
  • Stream buffer and stream bank restoration plans;
  • Stormwater Pond planting and screening plans;
  • ISA Certified Arborist services including tree
    inventories, assessments and reports.