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Accuracy and On-Time Delivery

As Gaskins' original discipline, Surveying has provided the backbone of our company since its founding in 1976. Through the years, Gaskins has earned the trust of developers by providing timely, accurate and value-driven solutions for our clients. Today, Gaskins Surveying continues to offer industry leading services, utilizing the latest technologies available.

Surveying Services:
Boundary, ALTA & Topographic Surveys
With over 40 years in the surveying business, Gaskins currently employs over twelve field crews and four full-time, licensed surveyors. Our licensed surveyors have a combined 100 years' experience in providing the following services:
  • Boundary & Alta Surveys;
  • Topographic and Location Surveys for Engineering Design;
  • Corridor/Route Surveys;
Construction Layout
Gaskins values and has maintained lasting relationships with many developers and contractors, some through three decades of service. We have vast experience in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Transportation construction. Our surveying services include:
  • Construction Layout for -
     > Residential Projects;
     > Commercial/Industrial Projects;
     > Infrastructure Projects;
  • As-builts of Utilities, Stormwater Maintenance Facilities, roads, etc.
  • Final Plats
Builder Services
Gaskins has long-standing relationships with many builders, and offers services tailored to their needs as well as to needs of individual homeowners:
  • Property Line and Corner Location
  • Lot Surveys
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Septic Tank Site Plans
  • Site Grading and House Location Plans
  • House Staking
  • NPDES Erosion & Sediment Control Monitoring