A Winning Workplace on


Every Level


“My vision is for us to be a thriving consulting company serving as the preferred employer, partner, & leader in the civil construction industry.”   —Brandon Hutchins, Gaskins President & CEO

At Gaskins, Personal Growth Drives Success

Gaskins nurtures and rewards growth on both a personal and professional level. Our employees are continually encouraged to increase their professional skills and to develop personal skills that lead to career-long success. We have a core belief that having self-awareness and intentionally demonstrating responsiveness in working on growth opportunities results in healthy people and relationships.


Our leadership team communicates and models our core values resulting in a culture that embraces collaboration, communication & service. By investing in and developing our people, we believe we sow seeds of the spiritual fruit that positively impact our company, industry and community for years to come.

Caring, Growth, and Teamwork Benefit All


Knowledge and Continued Learning


Gaskins employees see challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. Experience, knowledge, and faith in our proven processes creates an energy of cooperation and sets the stage for success.

Strong Work Ethic and Exemplary Work


We have a deep-rooted foundation in good ol’ fashioned work ethic. Our employees take responsibility for tasks, projects, and deadlines much more than the typical “clock in, clock out” mindset. Excellence is always the goal, no matter the project. We inspire our people to take pride in delivering only their very best work.

Client Service


We want to make sure our clients understand they are our priority. We strive to make sure they are more than just satisfied with the work we provide. Good relationships, systems, and communication ensure success along the way, and a continued partnership for the long term.

Being for Others


In a culture dominated with a “me first” mentality, we teach our employees to Fight for the Highest Possible Good – for Gaskins, for our clients, and for each other. We ask each employee to aspire to develop hearts that are self-aware, responsive, and for others.

We Want to See Our Community Thrive

At Gaskins, we believe we are charged to serve others. We succeed when we create positive changes in our community, both locally and around the world. Through volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and serving meals at Must Ministries, Gaskins continually gives back to our local community. Gaskins “Giving Team”, comprised of employees, serves our own team and local community in time of crisis with meals, gifts and their presence. We have also sent members of our team to Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil to work alongside other professionals helping provide clean water and shelter.


Serving and giving back is a strong part of Gaskins’ culture, and is exemplified in our involvement with the following organizations:

We Enjoy What We Do Together


Solar Eclipse Viewing

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